Company’s full name
Joint Stock Company “OKTOSH DON”

Company’s address
Uzbekistan, 141200, Samarkand region, Narpay district, J.Mirzayev, 2

Company’s history
June 2, 1995 – Open Joint Stock Company “Oktoshdonmahsulotlari”  has undergone on the basis of Presidential Decree No. 840 of  April 22, 1994 On the Transformation of the State Concern “Uzdonmahsulot” to the State Joint Stock Corporation “Uzdonmasulot” Decision No. 88 of the Cabinet of  Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of February 23, 1994 “On additional measures for the implementation of economic reforms in agriculture,” as well as decisions of the State Committee for the Management of State Society and Support of Entrepreneurship of  April 27, 1995. September 20, 2004 –  “Kattakurgondon” Joint Stock Company was merged with “OQTOSH-DON” Joint Stock Company on the basis of  Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 6, 2004 No. 376 and a branch was created on the basis of the property of the attached property.
Objective and Company’s main activity (main directions)

The main objective of Company’s activity is profit.
The Company’s main activity (main directions) are:
–      production and sale of flour;
–       production and sale of compound feed;
–      production and sale of seed grain.

Company’s statutory fund
The Company’s statutory fund is 936,299,760 soums and is divided into 1,418,636 shares, of which 1,413,196 ordinary shares and 5,440 preferred shares purchased by shareholders (placed shares) with a nominal value of 660 soums.

Company’s organizational structure
Supreme Management Body of the Company – General Meeting of Shareholders.

The management body of the Company for general management of the Company’s activities (except for resolving issues within the competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders) – Supervisory Board.
The management body of the Company for manages the current Company’s activities – Executive Body represented by the Chairman of the Board.
Company activity control bodies – Revission Comission (Auditor) and Internal Audit Service.

Company’s infrastructure
The total area of the Company is 77.11 hectares.  The Company has an administrative building, 1-mill (300 tons of wheat per day), 2-mill (200 tons of wheat per day),  compound feed workshop (291 tons of feed per day), Zirabulak seed work shop (160 tons of seeds per day), Ishtihan seed workshop (180 tons of seeds per day), mill (150 tons of wheat per day) and  compound feed workshop (120 tons of feed per day) of the Kattakurgandon branch, as well as other infrastructure facilities in the company.